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It is often possible to avoid the inconvenience, unpleasantness and embarrassment of a public arrest. Once a warrant of arrest is issued, it can be handled in several ways. 

The two most common are:


When a warrant is served, or executed, it means that the person named on the warrant is physically arrested and taken either before the judge or to the County jail to await arraignment (see the judge). Arraignments are usually done in the morning hours, 7 days a week at the jail itself. At the arraignment a bond will be set. When the conditions of the bond are met, you are released from jail without having to stay for an extended period. Arraignments can often be set at a time more convenient to you by contacting the Warrant Officer. Keep in mind, you always have the option to have the warrant served, plead innocent, post a bond and go to court.  You also may contact an attorney if you wish.


The judge has the authority to recall or dismiss a warrant without it being served. This is usually done for one of two reasons. Either the judge becomes convinced that the warrant is not valid (and he will dismiss the warrant), or payment is made in full (and he will recall the warrant). 

 For inquiries about warrants please contact the Justice of the Peace Office:


Justice of the Peace Pct. 1- Judge Moore 361-645-3663

Justice of the Peace Pct. 2- Judge Kennedy 361-645-3320


A local warrant is merely a piece of paper that is kept on file at the office of the Goliad County Sheriff, who is the custodian of local warrants. The warrant is addressed to "any Peace Officer in the state of Texas", and is signed by a judge commanding that the individual named on it be arrested and placed in Jail. 

A warrant does not mean you are guilty of anything, only that probable cause exists and that a case has been filed. This means you are a candidate for general arrest by any peace officer in the commissioned in the state of Texas. An arrest warrant can be served any time of the day or night 365 days per year anywhere within the state of Texas.

County of Goliad

Sheriff Kirby Brumby

Goliad County Sheriff's Office, 701 E. End St., Goliad, TX 77963

Goliad County Local Warrants