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Duties of the Jail:

The Goliad County Jail is fully dedicated to the citizens of this community in its effort to provide and maintain a safe and secured facility in which to lawfully detain and house inmates.  The Goliad County Jail fully recognizes its responsibility to the citizens of this community to operate this facility in the most cost-effective manner possible.


The Goliad County Jail deems that the purpose of this facility is to lawfully detain individuals charged with violation of all applicable laws.  All inmates are treated fairly and justly without regard to race, gender, religion, or age.   The inmate's health and safety is maintained by providing a nutritional diet and adequate medical care.


The Goliad County Jail is committed to maintaining a professional and well-trained correctional staff.  The Goliad County Jail recognizes the importance of the correctional staff in assuring safety and efficiency in the operation of the jail.   The correctional staff maintains the highest level of security by adhering to proper supervision of inmates, security management, and facility control.  The correctional staff of the Goliad County Jail are provided the necessary resources needed to perform their duties.


Inmates classified as minimum security risk have the opportunity to work outside the jail on the Inmate Work Detail Crew which is supervised by an officer.   They offer services to Goliad County that include landscaping, trash pick up for the various commissioner precincts, small construction projects and various other jobs for non-profit organizations.

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